Twillis – Introducing a new way of selling property

It’s an exciting week here for us at Twillis as we introduce our online real estate ecosystem, which has already connected thousands of engaged property professionals.

Since February, Twillis has built a database of 20,000 highly-engaged licensed agents, and has a 10 per cent market share of off-plan property sales in Australia.

Our goal is simple: to increase the saleability of property in a declining residential market, giving control and confidence back to agents.

Confidence and control should never be dictated by market conditions. Agents should have the freedom and flexibility to look beyond their own postcode for sales, access to visible commissions, and the transparency of a peer-reviewed network.

The team here has worked tirelessly to bring Twillis to life, and we’re proud of our offering which extends through Australia and South East Asia.

Twillis’ power in connecting real estate agents really hit home for me a few weeks ago, when an acquaintance who has sold more than a billion dollars’ worth of properties over the course of his career told me he now only uses Twillis to sell his listings.

More than that, I’m hearing great stories about transactions occurring between agents who have never met each other before, demonstrating Twilllis’ approach to connecting the industry in a digital landscape is really working.

If you’re a real estate agent interested in finding out how to buy and sell any type of property, anywhere in the world, then get in touch with us today – let Twillis be the ecosystem that protects you in these uncertain times.