Real estate ‘global ecosystem’ launched in Australia

A new online real estate platform will allow thousands of property professionals to engage in property sales anywhere in the world.

Twillis aims to increase the saleability of property in Australia and Southeast Asia by allowing agents to connect to markets and property anywhere in the world.

Twillis brings agents together online, allowing them to access thousands of properties, and creates transparent transactions that occur in real time.

Since Twillis’ official launch in February, it has built a database of 20,000 licensed agents who are given access to the campaign-based platform that charges zero per cent commission.

Senior business solutions manager at Twillis, Matthew McGrath said that the company is unique in the marketplace by giving agents a new way to sell.

“Twillis breaks down boundaries and allows agents to sell any type of property, anywhere. It gives confidence and control back to agents to sell faster, no matter the market conditions,” Mr McGrath said.

Twillis was created to help agents who had experienced hardship with foreign buyers, auction clearance rates dropping and house prices declining, according to the manager.

“We identified a unique opportunity in the market to ensure that the role of the agent remains relevant by empowering them to succeed in any economic condition,” Mr McGrath said.

Mr McGrath added that the platform gave control back to the agents by giving them the tools they need.

“Twillis provides real estate agents the tools they need to increase their commission and generate market leads — from networking to marketing resources, transparent commission fees and limitless opportunities for growth across regions.”

The ecosystem nature of the system means that agents can conduct transactions without meeting face-to-face.

“We’re seeing transactions occur between agents who have never previously met each other before — this is what it’s all about: allowing the industry to connect in the ever-changing digital landscape,” the manager said.

Mr McGrath said that a lot of projects required agents to travel overseas to sell stock, and now that inefficient method wasn’t needed.

“Now agents can fluidly collaborate and list online throughout APAC using the Twillis platform.”

Mr McGrath said that after a successful Australia launch, he hoped for Twillis to keep expanding into new markets.

“The next step is for Twillis to launch in the US and Europe,” the manager said.

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